New Balance Sneakers - elegante und stilvolle Sneakers für die Stadt und den Alltag. Icon 574 auf Lager. Sehr erfolgreiche amerikanische Marke, die nach wie vor seine Sneakers in den USA / Großbritannien produziert.

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Maroš Zeleny
Objednane cez vikend. V utorok uz doma. Odporucam.
Dius H.
Gyorsan megerkeztek a taskak (pl. 6-an keso este rendelve, 9-en mar atveheto volt), jo minoseguek, mas webshopokhoz kepest jobb aron elerhetoek es valodiak/eredetiek biztosan, ellenoriztuk. Semmi felesleges csomagolas, mint amit masoknal sajnos tapasztaltunk. Csomagpontra is kerheto (Packeta), Szlovakiabol szallitva is nagyon gyorsan megerkezett, gyorsabbak mint jopar hazai webshop, le a kalappal! (Translated by Google) The bags arrived quickly (e.g. ordered in the late evening of the 6th, they could be received on the 9th), they are of good quality, available at a better price than other webshops, and they are definitely authentic/original, we checked. No unnecessary packaging, as we have unfortunately experienced with many others. You can also order it at a parcel point (Packeta), it arrived very quickly even when shipped from Slovakia, they are faster than Jopar's domestic webshop, hats off to you!
daniel Juretić
(Translated by Google) Very fast, professional and without complications prepared and delivered my package. (Original) Jako brzi,profesionalni i bez kompliciranja pripremili i dostavili moj paket.
Zugravu Mihai
Really fast response and extremely fast delivery - 2 days since order and I got my purchase all the way to Romania. Good value for money as well