Japanische Marke von Sneakers - Asics. Außer Sportschuhen produziert Asics auch eine Reihe von stilvollen Lifestyle-Modelle - Asics Gel Saga, Asics Gel Lyte und andere. Siehe das Angebot von Asics bei Shooos.

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SKU H7F9N-1701
Model Asics Gel Lyte
Geschlecht Damen
Farbe Rosa
Fülöp András
Alexandra Napolitano
Ok! I was sceptical as i couldn't find these trainers in the UK. However they arrived in a week, great cusromer service, updates and DHL tracking. Will buy again.
Jafar Rizvi
Great seller. On time delivery.
David Figula
Great product selection, fair prices, fast delivery. The return process seems a little out-dated, but worked just fine.